Welcome to, your number one stop for Baja Fresh menu item information. Here you will find a complete list of menu items offered by Baja Fresh. Please note that the prices shown on select dishes and meals may vary.

Baja Fresh started in August 1990 with a mission statement to bring freshness back to fast food Mexican restaurants. Today they boast thousands of restaurants world wide serving authentic and fresh Mexican cuisine. The restaurant avoids processed foods and instead opts for the traditional hand made method. Nothing on the Baja Fresh menu is always farm fresh and never ever from a can. It is also notable that no Baja Fresh kitchen contains freezers or microwaves, everything is extremely….you got it, FRESH! With all said and done Baja Fresh truly lives up to their mission statement and their long time motto of “Be Bold, Be Fresh, Be Baja”.




Burritos and Bowls                    Tacos                    Baja Fresh Favorites



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Burritos and Bowls


Diablo Shrimp Burrito - This popular Baja Fresh menu item comes served up spicy with garlic-lime marinated Shrimp,  jack cheeses, freshly cooked black beans, and tender Baja style rice, all topped off with a drizzle of smokey Chipotle salsa and wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla…………….$6.99


Nacho Burrito - Here is a great option for anyone who wants the elements of both nachos and a burrito all wrapped into one. This burrito includes fresh chopped chicken with cheddar and jack cheeses, Japalenos, tender rice, your choice of either pinto or black beans, Queso Fundido, and a rich dollop of Salsa Crema………………………….$6.39


Burrito Ultimo – Another popular Baja Fresh menu item is their Burrito Ultimo. It includes your choice of meat (steak, carnitas, or charbroiled chicken). Topped onto freshly grilled onions, rice, peppers, chilies. Then coated with a layer of cheddar and jack cheeses, salsa, and sour cream…………….$6.69 Chicken or Carnitas, $6.99 Steak


Baja Burrito – Perhaps one of the more classic Baja Fresh items, the Baja Burrito includes your choice of steak, carnitas, or chicken, as well as jack cheese, freshly made guacamole, and the restaurant’s own Pico de Gallo salsa. A perfect burrito for that authentic Baja experience………………..$6.69 Chicken or Carnitas, $6.99 Steak


Burrito Mexicana – Here is a great take on the classic Mexican style burrito. It starts with your choice of Carnitas, fire-grilled  steak, or chicken. The meat is then placed on top Black or Pinto beans, freshly chopped Cilantro, and diced onions. A classic flavor that will not soon be forgotten………………..$6.69 Chicken or Carnitas, $6.99 Steak


Bean And Cheese Burrito –  A traditional burrito consisting of your choice of black or pinto beans and a blend of cheddar and jack cheeses.  For a little extra you may add steak, carnitas, or chicken. This is a basic and simple  burrito that Baja Fresh does quite well…………………………….$5.99


Grilled Chicken Salad Burrito – Comes in you choice of Cabo or Caesar style. This is a delicious burrito that blends the fresh taste of salad with the warm and savory taste of a chicken burrito………………………………………$5.99


Enchilado Style – If you would like to add a little something extra to your burrito consider ordering it “Enchilado Style”. Your burrito will be served up with a warm smothering of Enchilada red sauce and topped with a combination of cheddar and jack cheeses. All served up with nachos and sour cream and salsa…………….$1.49





Steak and Shrimp Bowl – This is a new  item that is a personal Baja Fresh menu favorite of mine. The Steak and Shrimp Bowl includes tender cuts of steak and lime-garlic marinated shrimp laid on top of green chili rice, warm black beans, squash slices, diced onion, corn salsa,  all topped with a sprinkling of anejo cheese. An item  that is sure to stick around………………..$7.99


Fully Loaded Chicken Bowl – Includes a combination of six chile salsa,  jack cheeses, black beans, rice, onions,  and pablano pepper slices,  all topped with the restaurants hot and juicy fire-grilled chicken. This Baja Fresh menu item  is ideal for all those chicken lovers out there………………………….$6.99


Skinny Chicken Bowl – This bowl starts out with fire-grilled chicken which is placed atop warm simmered black beans, tomatillo rice, squash,  and onions, all topped with Baja Fresh’s own signature salsa “Tomatillo Salsa Fresca”……………………………….$5.99


Original Baja Taco – This classic Baja Fresh menu item comes served with your selection of steak, carnitas, or chicken placed on a warm  corn tortilla and topped with freshly diced onions, cilantro, and salsa. Consider a side of guacamole or sour cream to add little something extra to this simple yet delicious taco……………….$2.29 chicken or carnitas, $2.49 steak


Americano Soft Taco – These tacos include your choice of carnitas, chicken, or steak, stacked on top of fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce, salsa, and then topped with a sprinkling of both cheddar and jack cheeses, Baja Fresh’s warm and fluffy flour tortillas really make these soft taco’s extraordinary…………..$2.29 chicken or carnitas, $2.49 steak


Crispy Wahoo Fish Taco – A classic addition to the Baja Fresh menu, these fish tacos start by hand breaking fresh Wahoo fish slices and deep frying them to golden perfection, they are then placed on a corn tortilla along with salsa, cabbage, and an amazing tangy white sauce dressing………………..$2.79


Grilled Wahoo Fish Taco – Freshly grilled slices of Wahoo fish placed on a tortilla and topped with Avocado, shredded cabbage, salsa, and a delicious Avocado dressing. A delicious and healthier alternative to Baja Fresh’s crispy chicken tacos……………$2.79



Taco Combo

When one taco just won’t cut it, consider a taco combo. This combo offer consists of your choice of two Americano Soft Tacos or two Original Baja Tacos. Choose between your preference of fire-grilled steak, charbroiled chicken or Carnitas.  This combo comes with tender rice and warm simmered pinto or black beans (sprinkled with fresh cojita cheese)…………………… $5.99 chicken or carnitas, $6.29 Baja Fish, $6.79 Mahi Mahi, $6.59 steak


Add Ons – All tacos on the Baja Fresh menu come with add on options. Available add-ons include   guacamole, sour cream, cheese,  extra cheese, extra meat, etc. Prices may vary.

Baja Fresh Favorites

Quesadilla………. $4.89 cheese,  $7.59 chicken or carnitas, $7.89 steak


Nachos…………. $4.89(no meat), $7.59 chicken or Carnitas,$7.89 steak


Fajitas…………….$7.59 chicken or carnitas, $8.69 steak


Chicken Taquitos………….$6.99



Salads and Soups

Mango Chipotle Chicken Salad


Baja Ensalada With Chicken


Fire Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad


Tostada Salad


Chicken Tortilla Soup

Kids Meals

Chicken Taquitos


Mini Cheese Quesadilla


Mini Bean And Cheese Burrito

Sides and Dessert

Smokey Queso Fundido


Pronto Guacamole


Side Salad


Pronto Nachos


Handmade Guacamole






Chips and Salsa






Rice and Bean Plate

Baja Fresh Calories


Baja Fresh Menu Item  -   Calories

Burrito Ultimo

  • Chicken             880
  • Steak                950
  • Carnitas            920
  • Shrimp              860
  • Breaded Fish      940
  • Wahoo              880

Baja Burrito

  • Chicken             790
  • Steak                850
  • Carnitas             830
  • Shrimp              760
  • Breaded Fish      850
  • Wahoo              780
Burrito Mexicano
  • Chicken            790
  • Steak               860
  • Carnitas            830
  • Shrimp             770
  • Breaded Fish     850
  • Wahoo             790
Diablo Shrimp Burrito
  • 1000 calories
Nacho Burrito
  • 1250 calories
Salad Burrito
  • Cabo Style           980
  • Caesar Stye         940
Bean and Cheese
  • No Meat             840
  • Chicken             970
  • Steak                1030
  • Carnitas             1010
  • Shrimp               950
  • Breaded Fish      1030
  • Wahoo               960
Grilled Veggie
  • 800 calories
Bare Burrito (served in a bowl)
  • Chicken              640
  • Steak                 700
  • Carnitas              680
Veggie and Cheese Bare Burrito
  • 580 calories
Enchilado Style
  • 630

All in all many of the items on the Baja fresh menu calories may seem a bit high but keep in mind that the portions are quite big. One burrito for example can be split into two meals. If you are concerned about calories consider taking steps such as avoiding calorie loaded sides or soft drinks.  Also consider that many of these menu items have inflated calorie counts due to cheese and other additions such as guacamole. To level out your caloric intake at Baja Fresh by ordering your item with out cheeses or additional spreads.  Also keep in mind that the restaurant gives you a low calorie option of “bare style” burritos. These are burritos that are served in a bowl without a tortilla.